Saturday, June 6, 2009

Slatechuck Hike

Since our move back to the island, we have been blessed with beautiful and stunning weather to welcome us back. We are enjoying many picnics in the garden and on the beach, walks through the forest, paddling back and forth in the canoe, and just being in our home. We have found many interesting blooming plants on the rocks of the beaches, but also in our garden. L. has been a great little helper. (see also:

Today T. had finally a day off and we headed up Slatechuck mountain, an hour and half steep uphill. L. was a trooper, he mostly hiked up on his own with a bit of encouragement here and there. Only on a few small sections T. had to put him up on his shoulders. There was one tricky section with a very steep ladder, but even that he did by himself.

I carried little S. in a comfortable seat up the mountain, he enjoyed every bit of it, squealing, kicking his legs, or just quietly taking in the view of the trees. At the top, the view was breathtaking, we could see our house shining in the sun. And L. and S. enjoyed some fruity snacks... The way down was a bit different. L. had spent all his energy for the way up, so T. had to carry him on his shoulders. L. did try now and again to walk, but his legs just didn't want to cooperate, he would lay down on the ground... But we are very impressed with his climb!

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Dawn Suzette said...

That is impressive... What a wonderful hike for the family!
I am also immpressed that you.. mama... carried your little man up that mt... including that ladder! Amazing!