Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Change Islands

So this weekend it`s going to happen, we`re moving back to `our` island! L. has been asking about it for a long time. Everytime we visit the island house, he wants to spend the night, he doesn`t want to leave and definitely doesn`t want to go to the `Blue House`. I`m sure he`ll love it when we`re back on the island, though I have a feeling then he will request going to the `Blue House`. We`ll see. I`m sure we will all miss this Blue House, it has a lot of character (from 1929) and we have so many good memories!
Now our main mode of transportation will be the canoe again (see other post: visit to the island). I`ll be hauling the canoe and our groceries up and down the beach, carrying a 6 month old baby. Thankfully L walks by himself! Due to large tidal changes we sometimes have to walk quite a ways up or down the beach, through the mud, other times the tide is right up at the grass. When the tide is really low, we can walk to the `main island`. This is for sure the way to get back into shape quickly!

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