Friday, December 7, 2007

New felt project

Today I have been working on a new coffee cozy for a Bodum coffee maker. I told my husband that if I wouldn't start creating something (apart from wrapping Christmas packages and writing cards, and don't forget 'creating' and mothering our son) I would go slightly nuts... During our trip in Vancouver I had looked forward to being back home and being able to felt again. Then it became slightly overwhelming to be home with all the errands that need to be run and Christmas prep. As well, Lief has started to get into more trouble recently, reaching higher, and he is sleeping less during the day, which means less time to create and being on your toes all the time to keep damage to a minimum...

Picture by Loop

Back to the felt project. So last night I started with combining some amazing, sparkly batts from Loop and soft and deep colored Merino roving from Kartehuset in Denmark. I have always just worked with the rovings from Kartehuset, and find they're very high quality, soft, gorgeous colors (in a very large selection). They felt up beautifully. But to combine it with the "Earth Goddess" batts that have sparkly bits of gold in them, makes the end result so very unique. It feels like a night out, dressed up.
Ceramic bead by Brian Eccles

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jane said...

it's gorgeous . . . such great colours. thanks for posting the links. loop's batts look amazing ~ i might treat myself to a few.