Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Discovery Day

On Tuesday June 19th it was Discovery Day at Sk'aadgaa Naay Elementary School. In each class room there was something different to discover, and some activities were held outside in the forest and the field. I was invited to be part of the 'wool discovery day' in the Kindergarten classroom.

Adolf Bitterlich from Blacksheep Farm in Tlell brought his two sheep, Coco and Cream, to the school. The children could watch how they were hand shorn in the field.
Adolf and Coco

Once the wool was shorn, it was brought to the Kindergarten classroom, where it was sorted and cleaned of twigs, straw and other debris.
The children got a feel for the lanolin in the wool. Most didn't like the smell of the wool and quickly moved on to a different station.
Touch and Smell
I had washed this wool after Coco's first half was shorn a few weeks ago. The children got to 'tease' the wool and try the hand carder or the drum carder. 
Hand carding demonstration
Drum carder

Once they had a bit of wool carded, the children brought it to one of the spinners. They could try the drop spindle with Carey, or try spinning at the spinning wheel with either Christine or Dorothy.
Drop Spindle with Carey
Travellers Wheel of Dorothy


Once the wool was spun, the children brought the yarn to the loom

Thanks to everyone involved in this fun wool day!

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