Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Journey into the world

We had quite a different birthing experience this time around. Instead of a smooth natural home birth, we were introduced to the emergency procedures of trying to give birth on Haida Gwaii. As the baby indicated that he wasn't happy during the contractions, I had to be flown in a huge Sikorsky helicopter to Prince Rupert Hospital:
An emergency c-section brought little S. into the world:After two short days of recovery we flew back home in a seaplane:
Where L. waited to meet his new brother:


Unknown said...

How totally amazing! What an adventure and what an entry into the world.

Baby S is gorgeous.

denise said...

Wow - amazing! Glad you are happy and healthy and home with family.

Hooked On Felt said...

Probably not the birth experience you had hoped for, but he is beautiful and here! Praise God for that! Hope you are doing well!
Enjoy them!

Kiki said...

thanks, we're doing really well! It's been great to be back home and recovering, with lot's of help from my husband, Mom and friends.