Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sewing and Knitting

Some new projects this week. Sewing bags, knitting neck warmers and new wrist warmers. Lot's of fun, and I'm loving the materials.

A new neck warmer with custom yarn by Moonrover (find her at The button is bone and found it at Maiwa in Vancouver.

Fabric for this bag comes from Chintz in Vancouver, it's heavy duty upholstery.

And a blue ceramic button by local potter Nancy Hett.

Flowering Moss wrist warmer, detail. (look at my flickr website for more pics, the link you can find in the column on the right)


Laura Bucci Handmade said...

Nice wrist cuff. Do you mean wrist cuff or wrist warmer? Because a wristlet is a pouch with a strap to put around your wrist.

Kiki said...

I guess I do mean wrist warmer, thought wristlet was a larger bracelet... thanks for pointing that out and for the compliment!

Ashley said...

I love the bag :D

Kiki said...

thanks mama stone!