Thursday, March 6, 2008

Back to work

This week Tracy went back to work, after two luxurious months of having him around it's a bit of a wake-up call. Full on back into motherhood. No back up, no sweet sharing in spending time with our little one. These are long days, for all of us. The first couple of days Tracy left before Lief got up and didn't get back until he was asleep. Lief would walk around the house inquiring where 'papa' went. Standing at the door, calling outside. Checking the woodshed, as he was sure he'd be somewhere chopping wood...

Yesterday a friend inquired about the felt baby jackets and was wondering which ones I still have. I had to take some new pictures and Lief enjoyed modeling them for me.

Such a gorgeous day, we spent quite a bit of time playing on the beach and in the forest. Spring seems to be arriving, we heard many birds whistling and chattering!


Ella said...

LOVE both of these jackets!! Would that fit a tall almost 4 year old?!?!
In some ways it must be tough being so remote and on your own but then nature is your back and front yard and there is so very much to explore and entertain. Lief is so lucky to grow up there.

Kiki said...

Thanks Ella, it is indeed a very special place to grow up as a child (and to live and work as an adult!)
It can be physically demanding and a bit isolating to be so remote, especially as we need to take a boat to go into town or for a visit with friends. But the pay-off is this incredible place where indeed nature is all around us: forest and sea connecting.