Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back home

We're back from our travels through warm and sunny Mexico... It's been wonderful, Lief turned out to be quite the little traveler, very adaptable (as all children are of course) and very social. He loved the attention from people and rewarded everyone with a warm smile.

Unfortunately we lost our digital camera after two days in Mexico, so I don't have pictures to show... But we ordered one online and found it waiting for us when we got back home. So I got to take a few pictures of Lief outside again.

We brought my Mom back from Vancouver to spend a few days with us on the island, which was wonderful. We worked on some projects, while I was knitting a couple of neckwraps she worked in crochet on a pillowcase.
I also finished a bag up that was still waiting from before.

It feels good to be able to create again, I was sure missing the process. I had brought enough yarn so I could knit some caps, which was fun. I even sold three caps to a cute little store called 'Rosemary' in Sayulita, Mexico. The rest I brought back home and will go to Sitka Studio, a local gallery, or maybe I'll even start an Etsy shop for my knits and felts...

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Ella said...

Wow a productive holiday. Those caps look great.Wondering which camera you ended up with? Sweet smile Lief!